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Successful group that we created 

ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN: This website was created as an anti-bullying website to connect with people. It is an open website for people to share their struggles with bullying inside and outside of school. It is a safe way to connect with people. This is an anti-bullying page where NO posts that are offensive, hurtful, or rude comments are aloud. Cyber bullying is a huge issue as well as general bullying. ANY posts that are not appropriate will imediately be erased. We want people to feel like they can talk about anything they want and feel comfortable and be accepted.
Connor Finley, 
CEO creator and founder
Emily Chance,
Administrator and VP
Sean Hess
Director of security and monitoring
Please let me know how you could use this thanks:) 
If you need to personally contact us, you may email us at our private email that is only viewed by Connor and Emily:

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